Thursday, October 31, 2013

Evil is a point of view.

Ah, at last this day has come. And as much as I love Halloween it doesn't mean that this day will be as awesome as I want  it to be. Once again I get the feeling that I was born in the wrong country.
How can this be? How can stores not have ANY Halloween decoration (one of them actually had Christmas stuff on display. October! Really?!) How can people ignore the fun of this holiday? I have seen only one person dressed up today but she was highly intoxicated so it doesn't count.
Either way, it has never stopped me from having fun... alone... at home. 
I have made a special nail design for today, that came to my mind 2 minutes before I was about to do something else. What inspired inspired me were those fake blood capsules which I bought a few weeks ago. 

Vampires. This actually took me just a few minutes to make but omg, I love those fangs so much I'm not taking this design off for at least 3 days more.
And they look especially great while playing with fake blood and taking pictures.

Now go trick or treating or simply get comfortable on the couch and watch scary monster movies all night long like a true Halloween fan you are.
Have a great holiday!
Wishing you a Halloween full of moonlight and magic!

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