Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gotham City Impostors Nail Art.

Well I guess the week has passed and it's time for the nail art, that was chosen by you. 
( By the way I'd like to thank everyone who voted this week! I'm not sure why the rest of you choose not to vote but I'm glad that at least some of you did.)
This weeks nail art is inspired by the new first-person shooter multiplayer-only video game called Gotham City Impostors.
If you never got round to playing it, the game is a squad-based shooter that lets up to 12 players (Batmanz vs. Jokerz) face-off on the streets of Gotham City.
I like the game because it actually lets you customize your own characters. Skinny Batman with cardboard mask on his head or muscular green haired Jokers wearing underwear over their pants - everything is possible in this game.
Long story short here is the nail art -
(click to enlarge)
I chose to draw the portraits of the two main characters on thumbs simply because it would not be a Gotham inspired nail art without them.
Mainly all I did is I painted the nails in the colors of the characters, and added funny looking toy eyes, which I got at the craft store, simply because all the characters in the game are funny looking and a bit silly.
Tools, as usual - Toothpick. You don't need anything else to make this nail art. So go ahead and try it!
I have spent only an hour and a half on creating this design.

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to come back next week for more fun and easy nail art!
And don't be scared to leave a comment!

PS. Adding more photos today, as requested-

(click to enlarge)

Have a good day <3


  1. well done :D
    wish only that your pics are a bit bigger ;)

  2. Thank you! I'll take that in mind! maybe I'll replace it with the bigger one today.

  3. So cool! I understand what Nail Crazy said, you could split all the pics up into single ones instead of one?? Gotta show off the work to the fullets! but totally love how you set up the photos in this because it looks like a page out of a comic book! Oh,oh! you could do this as the intro pic and then like separate each one out too? I don't think you should lose the comic book look, it makes your blog!!! haha

    Also, in a few weeks i'll be looking for your advice when I have to paint my nails for my nephews superhero themed birthday party. I"m thinking Spiderman? Batman?

  4. Yeah, I can do that! .. as a matter of fact, I can do that right away.
    No problem! I'll be happy to help! and... why not do both? lol