Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gradient Nail Art.

It's Wednesday again. And new nail art for you, my dear readers.
First of all - it's not video game inspired simply because there is not much people voting on the theme of the nail art (on the right) so that is why I'm postponing the game -inspired nail art 'till Saturday.
And while the voting is in progress, here is something else for your inspiration :
(click to enlarge)
this is a pretty simple design to do on your nails. It does not require a professional skill on nail art. You just simply choose the colors you like, take a make-up sponge or whatever you think is suitable and start applying color by color towards the tip of the nail.
The next thing  you need to do is take your toothpick, or a needle, and start  drawing the trees and the grass with black nail polish.
Apply top coat and you're done!
Told you it was simple... And colorful!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day <3
Please, leave a vote and come back again this Saturday!