Saturday, April 21, 2012

Justice League Silhouettes Nail Art

This week it will be simple as it can be. Justice League Silhouettes Nail Art. I think that the white background looks the best with the black figures, but it really does not matter at all.
It was not easy to make actually, I've been trying to make it look good several times and this is how the result looks like: 
I've used a mechanical pencil to draw the silhouettes, but if you want to try this design, it is better to use  needle or a toothpick.
When making the logos on them, you can try white acrylic paint, just beacause sometimes it is easier to apply making thin details. And also, if it came out too thick , you can always fix it using black polish and a toothpick.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tattoo Nail Art.

It's tattoo convention week!! That is why this design is the best to choose.
This weekend the 2nd TATTOO EXTRAVAGANZA will take place in Portsmouth.
A lot of great artists will be there to show off their works, and I really want to check it out.
And here is what I've came up with:

Basically, I was looking for inspiration for this in the old/new school traditional tattoo designs, and I think they look awesome on the plain white base. Too bad that the one with cherries came out a bit messy, but still - I like it.

Here are some "tips" on how i did it:

1. Apply base coat and white nail polish for the background.

2. Take a needle (or anything sharp enough) and make an outline, so it will be easier to see what will be in the design.

3.Fill in the colors one by one using the same needle or a toothpick.

4. Do the outline the same way.

5. Cover the nail with a top coat and you are done!

Easy enough, but still time-consuming so don't think that you will get the nails you want in 15 minutes. It just will not happen.
Enjoy the new designs and have a great day!
Come back later for more nail art.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gotham City Sirens Nail Art.

This nail art consists basically of three themes - Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy
I don't have all my polishes with me so that is the reason for "wrong colors" on some of my nail art, but I try to mix the ones that I have to get at least a color close to the one I need.
I've read a lot of advise that say not to mix different brand polishes, but you know what? From my experience - nothing bad happens. On the contrary, sometime I get really interesting colors for my nail art. 
Here are the nails:

Left hand:
"Gotham City Sirens", Harley Quinn ,Catwoman, Poison Ivy, DC,  <3

Right Hand:
"S", Harley's Obsession, Catwoman's nail scratches,Pioson Ivy's poisonous kiss,Initials.

The colors were OK, the thing that annoyed me the most is that I've noticed that the "Joker" banner on the heart got smudged only after I've taken all the photos.. Hope Harley forgets me for that. 
The reason for this is that I've used a mechanical pencil to put polish on that banner.. Obviously, this is too thick to do something like that. So if you want to write something on your nails - use a fishing line.

Have a great weekend and come back again for more nail art!

PS. We are starting to make videos about my nail art for the YouTube channel so I think that pretty soon it will be possible to see not only the nail art, but how It's made.