Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Owl.

This was another quick design this week.
I did messed up the owl in about 2 minutes after drawing it on the nail by taking icecream out of the freezer.  Well that's just me. lol
Even tough the bird looks like it was smashed, it still looks sweet! I think it is because if the lavender background. The colors give this calm and soft vibe, you know?

So yeah, here it is. so random and simple.. but still lovely, don't you think?

Oh and please do check out my video tutorials once in a while, k?
Your support is VERY important to me. <3
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Disco on the nails.

Another weekend - another nail art.
Well to be honest I did these yesterday while I had time at my boyfriend's work place. As I do not have a job at the moment I spend a lot of time home and I hate being home when Keiran isn't there, so that is why he takes me with him when he goes to work. 
I'm helping him out with some paper work, but most of the time I make tea and do my nails there. That is how helpful I am lol.
So anyways this time I grabbed my black nail polish with me and using acrylics I created something that Keiran named as "Disco nails".
I took a pencil, dipped it in the red acrylics and made a line of dots across my nail and then continues dotting with the blue color. 
Added top coat and the nails were done.
This was one of the fastest designs I ever did and Keiran's colleagues complemented me on my nails so many times. 
Anyways, If you want a quick and eye-catching nail design  try doing this.

And yes, I got a paper-cut... Paper can be dangerous sometimes.

Thank you for stepping by my blog and come back again!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glittery Things In Life.

Did you miss me? I know you didn't but I am glad to announce that I am officially BACK in nail art creation.
Yes, I have finally passed all the exams for this semester (yay) and I have enough time to do nail stuff. ( at least until I find a job lol) but nevertheless I will be doing my nails more often from now on.
I will make it up to you guys for disappearing like that, I promise.
And since today feels like spring ( at last, I was so tired of snow already) I decided to add more glitter to the day.
 If you were checking out my blog these two weeks, you know that I have received an Adore Box with a cute pink-ish glittery polish inside. And today I had the chance to try it out on nails.
And not to make it too simple and boring, I added some black polish on the tips of the nails.
Tried to make it as rough as possible to create a decent contrast between glitter and solid color.
And it looks good actually. I planned on doing nail video tomorrow but now I might postpone for another day to get a chance to wear this design for a little bit longer.

And here is how they look like:

Pictures are so sunny and bright <3 and you can see the little tomatoes growing. My grandmother always grows something on my windows. Every spring. 

I think this nail polish look pretty awesome. What do you think about it?
Have a super awesome day and comeback soon for something new for your nails.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adore Box.

I know you are tired of my excuses for not doing nail art as much as I did, but I have one examination week left ahead of me and then I will continue  to create awesome stuff on my nails.
And so one sunny Friday I received a box full of awesome stuff!
The Adore Box  is a regular beauty box but it is only for the Baltic countries... And the company was created only relatively recently so that is why I have never ordered it before. AAANNND to be honest I thought that it would not be as good as any of the American beauty boxes. Don't know why but I just think like that lol
I have ordered a one month subscription, just to try it out at first. It  costed about $20. (9.99LS) by the way. I was pretty impressed with the content of this box! it even had A cute little card that said " For Karina" in Latvian. ( yes, the "ai" in the end of my name kinda means "for".. confusing, I know).

So it had A LOT of things that I really liked like lip balm, mascara, body lotions but the best thing in it was NAIL POLISH.
I really liked the color of the polish but I have not tried it out yet on my nails....
BUT my mom has... and my grandmother.. I guess they have more time than me to spend on nails lol
And here is how it looked on my mom's nails - 

The polish is "layla ceramic effectt CE37".

I hope I will have a moment to try it on my nails.  I will tell you how it stays on the nails later.. when my mother tells me how she liked it. :)
Well, I guess it is all for today.
Back to preparing for Personnel Management exam tomorrow.
Come back soon <3