Saturday, April 20, 2013

Disco on the nails.

Another weekend - another nail art.
Well to be honest I did these yesterday while I had time at my boyfriend's work place. As I do not have a job at the moment I spend a lot of time home and I hate being home when Keiran isn't there, so that is why he takes me with him when he goes to work. 
I'm helping him out with some paper work, but most of the time I make tea and do my nails there. That is how helpful I am lol.
So anyways this time I grabbed my black nail polish with me and using acrylics I created something that Keiran named as "Disco nails".
I took a pencil, dipped it in the red acrylics and made a line of dots across my nail and then continues dotting with the blue color. 
Added top coat and the nails were done.
This was one of the fastest designs I ever did and Keiran's colleagues complemented me on my nails so many times. 
Anyways, If you want a quick and eye-catching nail design  try doing this.

And yes, I got a paper-cut... Paper can be dangerous sometimes.

Thank you for stepping by my blog and come back again!


  1. These are brilliant! I want to try them, but i don't want to take off my current mani.... decisions decisions haha! Great post, and lovely nails x x x

    1. I know exactly what you mean! whenever I do something on my nails and get an idea for something new I just can't make myself to take off the one that I have at the moment :D

      thank you for you compliment <3