Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glittery Things In Life.

Did you miss me? I know you didn't but I am glad to announce that I am officially BACK in nail art creation.
Yes, I have finally passed all the exams for this semester (yay) and I have enough time to do nail stuff. ( at least until I find a job lol) but nevertheless I will be doing my nails more often from now on.
I will make it up to you guys for disappearing like that, I promise.
And since today feels like spring ( at last, I was so tired of snow already) I decided to add more glitter to the day.
 If you were checking out my blog these two weeks, you know that I have received an Adore Box with a cute pink-ish glittery polish inside. And today I had the chance to try it out on nails.
And not to make it too simple and boring, I added some black polish on the tips of the nails.
Tried to make it as rough as possible to create a decent contrast between glitter and solid color.
And it looks good actually. I planned on doing nail video tomorrow but now I might postpone for another day to get a chance to wear this design for a little bit longer.

And here is how they look like:

Pictures are so sunny and bright <3 and you can see the little tomatoes growing. My grandmother always grows something on my windows. Every spring. 

I think this nail polish look pretty awesome. What do you think about it?
Have a super awesome day and comeback soon for something new for your nails.

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