Thursday, September 27, 2012

Discount coupon!!

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I am currently waiting for my polish to arrive, so I can make a review for you.

So don't be shy and check out their site, share a coupon code and be pretty!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Betta Splenden Nail Art.

Hello nail art lovers!
This weeks nail art is a bit different. It's simple, fun and inspired by my new Betta fish - La'gaan.

His name came from the DC character Lagoon Boy who is an amphibious boy from Atlantis.
We brought him home two days ago and I absolutely love his colors! He has a bit of green, red and blue and these are the colors that I've chosen for the nail art.

I've seen a lot of videos about the water marble nails, but I never tried to make something like that. This is my first attempt to make marble nails, and I'd like to share my experience with you:

First of all, here is what you  will need:
(click on the photos to enlarge)

Choose the polishes you want, a cup with water ( I just found that you need warm water for this, but I did it with cold tap water and it worked fine).

Cotton buds, nail polish remover, scotch tape and a toothpick.
I did not use any base coat on this one, but you can apply any base coat you like.

Before making water marbles, cover your fingers around your nails with scotch tape, so the design would apply only on your nail. Otherwise it will be really messy.

Then drip a few drops of the nail polish on the surface of the water one by one. and try to do it fast so the polish would not harden.

Make the design with a toothpick. It's best to drag the color to the center.
(I wanted them to be random so I just pulled in all dirrections)

Then I lined up my nail witj the design that I wanted and dipped it right where the design was.

 Continued doing the same process with the other nails.

It dries real quick, so in about 20 seconds you can easily remove the scotch and remove all the excess polish  with a cotton bud dipped in polish remover.

Cover the nails with a top coat and you are done!

It may look better if the water was warm, not sure.
But I like how they turned out in the end! I think now I'll be practicing marble nail art in the future.
 Hope this was useful for you.
Thank you for reading this weeks post and come back next week for new nail art!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Injustice: Gods Among Us Nail Art

Another Wednesday and another game themed nail art!
As most of you may already know, Injustice: Gods Among Us is an upcoming fighting game with DC comics villains and heroes that will be released in 2013. 
Oh, wow.. I can't wait!
Can you imagine Superman fighting Wonder Woman, or Flash? I bet this is going to be epic.
And the best part for me is that Harley Quinn is one of the confirmed characters in the game! <3

Enough about the game, take a look at the nails:

I really tried to make all the lines nice and thin, but I always have a problem with the Wonder Woman symbol.. -__- 
I just can't make it looks good. Meh, never liked her anyways.
I think you can recognize the majority of the symbols, and the two on the grey backgrounds are - Cyborg and Solomon Grundy. This is how their symbols are shown in the game.

To create this design I've used polish, needles, thin brushes and acrylic paint,just so that the circles would stay where they supposed to.
I was surprised that it took me only about an hour and a half (maybe even less I don't know exactly) to make this! I mean - it is fast comparing to my other designs.

I love how it looks on my nails and I'm going to wear it as long as possible!
Hope you like this weeks nail art. 
Feel free to comment and come back soon for more fun nail art designs for  your nails!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Nail Art.

Hey nail art geeks!
I've just recently watched the Snow White and the Huntsman and this gave me an idea for this weeks nail art.
 So here it is:

Well... to be completely honest, it did not came out just as I planned BUT I still think it looks good.
As you can see, I tried to put some key features from the movie, like The Dark Forest and the Enchanted Forest, the crows, Huntsman's  hatchet, Mirror and, of course, the apple.
Once again - all made with a toothpick and fishing line.

By the way, feel free to give some ideas for the next nail art right here in the comments and tell me what you think of this weeks design, or ask me anything. I am happy to help, because it is super easy to make.

Have a good day and come back next week for new ideas for your nails.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Punk Rock Nail Art.

The tittle says it all - this week it is all about punk rock. 
I tried to include the music, style and colors to match the theme, and as a result I've created this look that you can rock on your nails!

When I was creating this design, I wanted to include something that gives that punk rock vibe. So in the end I have chosen skulls and a mohawk haircut to be in the design, as well as the guitar and stars.
In my opinion, every nail in this design suits the theme perfectly.

And if you are thinking why are there two simply matte black nails while others are colorful and fun, the answer is -
Mark Hoppus.
He has posted a picture on his Instagram account with his nails painted matte black, and that gave me an idea of making punk rock themed nail design in the first place.
Here is the picture by the way:

One more thing about the design - I have used a fishing line to make the lines in the words thin, because my nails aren't long enough right now to write on them with a toothpick. So you will need a bit more patience, if your nails are as short as mine. And don't forget to hold your breath while writing on nails. ;)

I guess that is it for today.
Have a nice day and come back next week for more fun and interesting nail designs!