Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Injustice: Gods Among Us Nail Art

Another Wednesday and another game themed nail art!
As most of you may already know, Injustice: Gods Among Us is an upcoming fighting game with DC comics villains and heroes that will be released in 2013. 
Oh, wow.. I can't wait!
Can you imagine Superman fighting Wonder Woman, or Flash? I bet this is going to be epic.
And the best part for me is that Harley Quinn is one of the confirmed characters in the game! <3

Enough about the game, take a look at the nails:

I really tried to make all the lines nice and thin, but I always have a problem with the Wonder Woman symbol.. -__- 
I just can't make it looks good. Meh, never liked her anyways.
I think you can recognize the majority of the symbols, and the two on the grey backgrounds are - Cyborg and Solomon Grundy. This is how their symbols are shown in the game.

To create this design I've used polish, needles, thin brushes and acrylic paint,just so that the circles would stay where they supposed to.
I was surprised that it took me only about an hour and a half (maybe even less I don't know exactly) to make this! I mean - it is fast comparing to my other designs.

I love how it looks on my nails and I'm going to wear it as long as possible!
Hope you like this weeks nail art. 
Feel free to comment and come back soon for more fun nail art designs for  your nails!

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