Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adore Box.

I know you are tired of my excuses for not doing nail art as much as I did, but I have one examination week left ahead of me and then I will continue  to create awesome stuff on my nails.
And so one sunny Friday I received a box full of awesome stuff!
The Adore Box  is a regular beauty box but it is only for the Baltic countries... And the company was created only relatively recently so that is why I have never ordered it before. AAANNND to be honest I thought that it would not be as good as any of the American beauty boxes. Don't know why but I just think like that lol
I have ordered a one month subscription, just to try it out at first. It  costed about $20. (9.99LS) by the way. I was pretty impressed with the content of this box! it even had A cute little card that said " For Karina" in Latvian. ( yes, the "ai" in the end of my name kinda means "for".. confusing, I know).

So it had A LOT of things that I really liked like lip balm, mascara, body lotions but the best thing in it was NAIL POLISH.
I really liked the color of the polish but I have not tried it out yet on my nails....
BUT my mom has... and my grandmother.. I guess they have more time than me to spend on nails lol
And here is how it looked on my mom's nails - 

The polish is "layla ceramic effectt CE37".

I hope I will have a moment to try it on my nails.  I will tell you how it stays on the nails later.. when my mother tells me how she liked it. :)
Well, I guess it is all for today.
Back to preparing for Personnel Management exam tomorrow.
Come back soon <3 

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