Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Rabbits.

Today will be just a quick post with a quick and super easy nail art.
I don't have a lot of free time because of the University exams, but I had to do something quick and sweet for the Easter. And here is what I did:

Using all the fun colors, I did the background for my Easter nails.  These polishes were bought in UK in Primark in a set. I do not remember if this set had a name but doesn't matter, I'm not sure they are still selling those anyway.
Then I grabbed my acrilics and started speed-drawing bunnies on my nails. Cute and super easy - in about 2 minutes I have "bunnified" my nails. 
And in addition, I drew a cute little chick hatching from its egg for Easter.
Add a top coat and here you are - cuteness on your nails in 5 minutes.

Come back again on the weekends to see another awesome nail art! <3
And Happy Easter!

(Picture by julkusiowa )


  1. adorable!!!!! love them!!! last year i tried to do the bunnies that were jumping like on your nails but they looked like white blobs! maybe i'll try them again tonight!

    1. Thank you!! <3
      These bunnies could have been more...neat looking. But as it was a speed-drawing experiment - I am Ok with the result :D

      you should! I bet your bunnies will turn out better lol

  2. rabbits are so cute, but that chicken of your looks kinda sad :(