Saturday, October 5, 2013

Autumn gradient and desperation. Well not really.

Oh, gradients… They never actually were “my thing” in nail design. But this time I was so proud of what came out of the random idea to combine two colors, that I was showing my nails to everyone who was willing to see it.  I did not plan to do this gradient and definitely did not plan to make a post on this, but I fell in love with this autumn color combination. 
I don't need to tell you how to create gradient, right? But in case I need to - paint your nails a color of your choice, grab a cosmetic sponge, apply  the colors you want your gradient to be like so -
(photo from )
And tap it on your nail. And when you are done, you should have a pretty gradient on your nails. Just clean up excess polish from the skin and you are done.
Mine looked like this. (pardon my photos, These were taken by phone.) 

You know what grinds my gears? The fact that I cannot get any nail polish that I want… I saw a post on facebook about OPI Rock Goddess mini pack and immediately thought that I NEED TO GET THAT. I mean I understand that this mini set had some bad reviews, a lot of people said that the formula isn't the best and the colors aren't unique, but guys… I need it, ok?

 And as soon as I looked for it online I got a heartbreaking news – Sorry, we don’t ship to your country. Why? Why me?  I am officially leaving this country pretty soon. But while I am here, please, pretty please don’t make my life worse? No comic books in this country, no Iron Fist/Macbeth/Doc. Martens, no OPI… And now no SHIPPING? (Check my Instagram  for a picture) Well ok, some of them do ship here but it usually costs even more than an item I wish to order and you need to wait a million years for it to get here. This is… OK I am used to this stuff already. But I hate it.
Every time this happens I hear in my head ( You will never get this lalalalala ) -

Anyways, please tell me that this mini set is not worth my nerves. And know that I envy every singe one of you who has a chance to go and buy that kind of stuff in your country.
Ok then… I’ll go and paint my nails with any other nail polish instead.

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