Saturday, October 26, 2013

Colder than my heart, if you can imagine.

Oh autumn. With all the rainy days and dying nature my life becomes better. It is weird but it is how it is. I am always waiting for this season to come like a kid is waiting for a present. And let it rain, I don't care. I used to hate it when it rains - my hair gets curly and whatnot; but as I get older I like this weather so much more. 
But even though I like it a lot it doesn't mean that I am walking around all happy and joyful; It is just the way I feel inside, deep down in my cold heart.
I have decided to make a rain on a concrete look to my nails and did it super quick. All you need for it is to take a matte nail polish of your choice (grey cement from AVON was mine) and add the drops of a top coat on it. 

 I liked it a lot. too bad it chipped off on the next day but hey, doesn't make it bad, right? At least for a day it looked great.

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