Sunday, October 20, 2013


All of us girls have those moments when it seems like we don't have enough time to do our hair, put on make up and do our nails. And today I had the exact same situation. I was planning on making a new nail video and creating something super awesome on my nails but with the first sneeze in the morning I knew this was a bad sign. And yes, I have caught a cold. My nose just doesn't seem to understand that it is impossible for a human being to sneeze 25 times in 25 seconds.I felt so weak and I had so many assignments to do, but after taking a hot bath I fell asleep...
Waking up I understood that this was a bad decision, but there was no way of turning back the time. And how can a nail blogger go out somewhere without her nails done? Impossible! So here is what was my solution to this time management problem -  AVON speed dry nail polishes!
You will have to excuse me for forgetting the name of the beige color, I have left it at my parent's place when I visited them today and now I cannot remember how was it called. Stupid cold makes me feel stupid. But the red one is called Red Wine.

When you are in a hurry these polishes are simply life savers! The red one takes two coats to apply  not to be opaque, but it dries so fast you can't even notice that it is already dry.
Apply a tiny red heart on one of the beige nails and it look like you have spent quite some time on your nails, even though it took less than 5 minutes to do!
So tell me, do you have your own "life savers" like these?

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