Sunday, October 13, 2013

The flight of Apollo.

It was a long time since I fell in love with a nail polish color. But this week I felt that weird feeling of satisfaction again when after a hard day of studies I decided to check out what the stores have on sale. Oh my, how glad am I that I have decided to do that.
Flormar Supershine Miracle U08. It is a duo-chrome nail polish which shines from blue to purple.
It was extremely difficult to capture the beauty of the polish on the nails, but here is a photo of it in the bottle for you to see the it better.

It was the third day of me wearing this polish on my nails when I took these photos, and look how well it stayed on!

I made my pinky finger stand out with red nail polish because, well, I do not like when all the nails look too far simple, even though it is an amazingly pretty (and rather cheap, I must say) polish.

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