Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I can grant your wish.

I am having so much luck with new nail polishes. On my birthday I told my husband-to-be that I am going shopping. I said - "I am not quite sure of what I want, but I definitely want something." And one of that "something" was this polish right here!

This is a polish from CATRICE COSMETICS No. 07 Genius In The Bottle. It didn't catch my eye at first, when I entered the shop I went straight  to the nail polish bands I  knew but none of them were new and, well, weren't what I was looking for really. And then, passing by a shelf I saw this little shiny bottle. It was the last one of this shade and I grabbed it without even thinking about the price. (luckily, the price was even lower that I thought it would be.)
I did not try it on my nails at once because as soon as I got home my family was already gathered and there was no time to spend on nails. So today was a first official test of this beauty.

You can see all those colors in the bottle, right? Because it was so hard to catch all the color shines on my nails with a camera... I tried my best to capture my nails with different lighting and positions. The polish did not disappoint me, yet at least. It stays on the nails pretty good and throughout the day I didn't have any problems with washing the dishes or taking a bath - it still stayed on the nails. While I was writing this just a slight bit chipped off, but as it is barely noticeable - it is fine with me.
I assumed that the other shades and colors will be as good and unique as this one, but all they had in stock was plain boring and  didn't look like something that is a must  have.

By the way, did you see the birthday present I got? I truly think that she is absolutely gorgeous! Harley from Arkham Asylum was exactly what I wanted... and now I have her! And Scarface as an addition to her. 
Could this be  more perfect?

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