Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gold like the sun.

It was never my intention to loose a couple of days, or brake 4 nails on one of my hands. I do not have any memory of that. Maybe it is for the best, maybe for the worst, but after 1st of November I have spent two days lying in bed like a lazy cat and watching True Blood. An episode after an episode. I missed a lot of them so the catching up was a good thing, I guess. I always feel bad for wasting my precious time like this but this time I do not feel like it is wrong.
It was my mother's birthday two days ago and one tiny part of the present were new nail polishes. (As if a nail blogger can skip the opportunity to shop for more nail polishes, right.) And one of them was Maybelline COLO RAMA No 108. I would have never picked a gold-ish nail polish for myself but gold and lavender were the theme colors for the present so I did not hesitate to buy it. And of course my mom let me try it out on my nails later on. She was absolutely in love with it. And as for me... Well it does look really pretty on the nails and the formula is great, it holds up pretty neat... But I just don't like gold. There I said it. Although I enjoy how this shade glows and sparkles on the nails then the light hits it.

I would recommend this polish to anyone who is searching for a gold shade for the nails. I'd really do, because If I preferred gold over other stones, this would be in my top 3 favorite nail polishes.  

Hope your weekend was way more productive than mine. Stay positive.

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