Monday, January 20, 2014

Try, try try.

My nails were in a pretty bad shape for quite a while now. And as they started to look a little bit more adequate I have decided that it is time to start painting them once again. 
And to start off my nail journey of this year, I have decided to go with the simple but cute design. 

The nail polish used on these nails is Coral Reef from Avon. And I must say that the color has disappointed me this time. It used to be a really bright orange-ish color, which looked stunning every season. As my old nail polish dried out, I have decided to buy a new bottle of the same color and... Oh Go.
The color was completely different! It was pink-ish and not bright at all. Two coats made it look better but it is still not the same. Well that's a bummer.
Anyways, at least my nails look NEAT!

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