Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lost treasures.

So this morning I woke up wondering if I have any pink polishes left in my small collection. And after throwing out two dried polishes, I stumbled upon this cuteness.
This pink sweetness is one of 4 polishes in a set from Primark. Yes, exactly, Primark. When I saw this set for £2 I bought it in a heartbeat. And I really cant find anything to complain about. The colors are awesome, the formula is great, color looked opaque after the first coat, and the smell. I don't know how to explain, but I was sniffing on the polish for hours... It's weird but yeah, I like it a lot.
Here is what one of the colors look like on the nails -

 (Left photo - natural light, right photo - flash.)

If you ever have a chance to get those sets, I'd advise to buy them, at least to try them out. They actually are great for this price. I have not been in Primark for a long time now (sadly), but I believe there are different sets of colors on sale. Mine looked like this -

Every single color is beautiful on the nails.I am glad I bought these back then.
So yeah, today I'm rocking pink.


  1. these are beautiful.
    Off to primark

    1. Tell me if you find anything cool there!
      P.S. love you blog!