Friday, December 27, 2013


Yeah, I know, I've done it again. But what can I say, I guess the disappearing act is my favorite this year. I guess you have to forgive me for that. Or not. It's totally up to you.
So here I am back here, all ready to get in a good mood, but I can't. I cannot make myself smile while I live here. OK that is not your problem, I get it. You are here for the nails. SO here you go then - DAYZ STANDALONE nail art! YUP! Exactly! As the Alpha is out already my husband spends all his free time playing it... back in his parent's house... because he cannot stand the hate in my parent's house. As do I. But he can do something with it... and I can't. Not now at least.

I bet you expected something Christmas-ish, happy, joyful for a nail art? Nope. Not from me. I had my Christmas... AWAY FROM MY FAMILY. and as  am back here, I do not feel like being all smiling and all. Zombies - best choice for the holiday season!
Love you.

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