Sunday, May 20, 2012

Suicide Squad Nail Art.

I know that today is not Saturday, and I'm a bit late, but sometimes I get caught up doing something and forget to post. Nevertheless, this weeks nail art is Suicide Squad themed.

This is my favorite comic from The New 52 DC comic books, mainly because of Harley Quinn in it.
Basically, there are a few elements of Harley Quinn, King Shark, El Diablo, Deadshot. etc.
I've used acrylic paint for some of the designs, such as letters and grey background (because I don't have grey nail polish at the moment) and the black gel pen for the outline.

If you ever wondered how I come up with the designs, here is my sketch for this nail art:

As you can see, I make some "extra" designs in case if some of the one that I have chosen to make, don't look good or just too hard to make. I know this is not a best drawing, but it's just for me to see what am I going to do this time.

Check out the comic and come back next week for more geeky nail art!

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