Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Batman:Arkham City Achievements Nail Art.

Another day, another nail art. Batman:Arkham City Achievements Nail Art is something that was super-easy to make and this nail art looks really good because the colors that are used are the same, but still every nail is unique.

 There are a lot of achievements in the game to choose from. I've just went for the first ones that I thought would look better and easier to make.
By the way I do not use any special polishes or really expensive ones for my nail art. These were actually made using polish from "Primark" (the pinks and white), and black polish  which I picked up from a random store.

Right Hand:
"Puzzler", "Acid Bath", "One Armed Bandit", "Ring Ring" ,"Hide And Seek".

Left Hand:
"Exit Stage Right", "Freefall", "Wrecking Ball", "Savior","Gladiator".

You can find all of the achievements here,-  ACHIEVEMENTS  -just to get some inspiration.

Feel free to leave comments.

Have a good day, and enjoy new nail art.

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