Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dexter Morgan is a sweetheart.

Hey there!
Guess who is back to doing nail art! Yup, yours truly.
I would like to apologies for my absence, but for the last two months I've been spending so many hours at work that I barely had time to do ANYTHING interesting.
BUT NOW, as I got used to it, I finally found time to do my nails. YES! I hated how my nails looked during these weeks - all broken and not polished properly.
So enough with the talk, here is what I came up to as a second comeback for this year - Dexter Morgan inspired nails!!
I've been waiting for the 8th season for so long that I could not believe that it is actually out. 
I decided to do a pretty simple design not to overload my brain too much - a few blood splatters, Dexter's weapons of choice and his name as usually - using only a toothpick for this design.

So whaddya think? I really like these and I love the fact that my nails are pretty again <3
Can't wait to see the next episode of Dexter!

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