Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fast Forward To...

Hey there!
It might have crossed your mind that I haven't been blogging that often for a while now. And by "a while" I mean weeks, but it doesn't matter, does it?
The one and only reason for it is that  
A nice one, well paid, with a lot of things to do all day long and a lot of stressed situations and paperwork, but as long as it helps me to get money to get THE FUCK out of this country forever - I'm 100% OK with it.
And as a result I barely have time to do anything at home - I need to write this years final paper and I barely started writing it. 
Fuck me, right?
But it is just because when I am back from work I lay on the bed and fall asleep in a few hours. These are the things I need to cope with in order to live like I always dreamed of. The things I we do to reach our dreams...
Anyways, I am NOT quitting nail art.( To be honest I hate how my nails are looking right now - plane and boring.) And I am planning on getting back to doing my nails ASAP.
So, yeah... here is my story.


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