Sunday, July 14, 2013

In The Music Mood.

The weekend passes by so quick.. I can't believe I need to go to work tomorrow already. But at least this time I haven't wasted all my free time for nothing -  I was playing guitar all weekend! I am so very proud of myself because for the last few months all I did on my day offs is sleep. What a shame.
But not this time. I will not waste my precious time anymore. 
So when I was choosing a pick to play with I ended up choosing one of my favorite ones - green fender pick, which ended up being an inspiration for my nail art for the next few days! I took a piece of fishing line, green and black polishes and did this on my nails really quick.
Here is how my nails look like-

I love my nails, I love this weekend, I love my guitar. 
"I think I like today, I think it's good." (c) Good Day

Come back again for more nail art and have an awesome day! 

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