Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bloody red.

Something simple. Something completely out of the ordinary for my blog. But take a look how gorgeous a simple red color on your nails can be.
Basically, I started with a red base and thought that this will be it. I had some stuff to do and didn't really had time for anything special that day. So I went out and bought the simplest, the most common and expected nail  polish color. 
I simply cannot walk around with "naked" nails anymore. So at least a color on them sounded good enough. But as soon as I applied it... It looked so empty. So I grabbed the first glitter polish that I could find and applied right on top on the nails. And here it was - the final form for the nails. 
And so I was walking around with nails like that for 2 days, until I had enough of it. The simplicity is killing me, OK?
By the time I got home I already knew what will I do with my nails. I saw something similar to these nails on some cheap fake plastic nails, that one girl was wearing at work. and I knew exactly that I needed to to this.
Here is how my nails looked like, and how they look now - 

To be honest I am not sure if I am happy with them or not. But as long as they are "different" I am OK with it.
Do you like to stand out?

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