Monday, October 8, 2012

Magic Purple/Sky Blue Color Changing Nail Polish.

Hello my dear readers!
This week I want to make a special post dedicated to one single nail polish that I fell in love with from the moment I've tried it on my nails.

I'm going to write about Magic Purple/Sky Blue Color Changing Mood Nail Polish from !

In case you are not sure what does the "color changing" part means, imagine mood rings that were popular back in the day.
This nail polish has the same effect as the rings - when applied on nails, it changes color based on the temperature. 
In this case it becomes sky blue when your hands are warm, and purple when your hands are cold!

To start with, I'd like to say that the shipping was absolutely free worldwide and it took a week or two to receive the package. So it's fast, easy and free which is a big plus.
I received this in the morning. 
And the first thing I did was trying it on my nails! And to be completely honest - it did look awesome but it started to peel off pretty quick, I assumed that it was because I didn't use the top coat (I was in a hurry) and I was right about that. So if you want this polish to last longer - use top coat. It works absolutely fine with it.

 To show you how this amazing nail polish works I have prepared two glasses with hot (warm) and cold water.

I'd like to mention as well that the polish applies smooth and evenly. It is not chunky and does not have any odor that you might not like. 
By the way, I found out that it takes a bit longer to dry if you use a base coat. I tried it with, or without base coat and I prefer to apply it without the base. It does not leave any stains on your nails (like red or green polishes do) so it's safe to use directly on nails.
I applied only one layer of the polish, simply because it was enough, but you can always make a second layer if you want to.

As my hands were cold (as they usually are) it turned purple as soon as it was dry.
In the picture it looks a bit like a lavender color, but it is actually a bit brighter purple.

When dipping my finger into the warm water, the polish turned sky blue, which I really liked!

And it turned purple in the cold water.

Here you can see the difference in colors and how pretty both of them look together or separately. And as my hands were cold the blue one started to change colors and was gradient for a while.( from purple to blue)
As it is cold outside, my nails looked awesome because the tips of the nails were cold and purple but the rest of the nail was blue and constantly changing. I mean like - wow. I liked this polish so much that I'd wear it every day for the rest of the autumn.

Here is a link to this product, if you would like to try it out -

And a coupon for a discount in the

To get a discount simply enter the code when checking out (with capital letters).

I will post a video of this review pretty soon so stay tuned for more!


  1. i have the same shade, love it, it's so fun to watch the color change :D

  2. Nail Crazy,
    IT IS! I picked this color because it is my favorite!
    Thank you for your comment!