Sunday, February 3, 2013

Angels And Airwaves Nail Art

The first thing that I must say is - It was a surprise for me  not to find an AVA inspired nail art when I Googled it. I mean, really?
I love the band, the songs, the music, the lyrics the videos.. How can you not LOVE them after listening to at least one song?
If you have never listened to their masterpieces - shame on you! But here is a chance to make things right - I will post their song at the end of the post.

ANYWAYS, here is a quick preview in photos - 

Annnnd here is the video! TRUST ME it is worth watching - there is always "something special" added in it!

Love it! I'll be wearing this design for as long as possible!

Thank you for stepping by this weekend and "Spread Hope Like Fire" (c)

PS. here is a video for you - 

Oh and I have ordered this today -


1 comment:

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